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The definition of care among Filipino nurses: Kalinga, Alaga, Aruga.


Norland Matthew T. Evangelista,
Joseph Daniel G. Espinosa,
Crisanto A. De Leon,
Clarren B. Gabriana,
Richard O. Bognot,
Ryan Christian B. Sacay,

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2012


The study aimed to determine the best nurse's interpretation of Kalinga, Alaga and Aruga using a qualitative design and interview conducted between June and August 2012 at Fatima University Medical Center, the informants were five (5) Filipino Registered Nurse's currently working in FUMC three (3) female nurses and two (2) male nurses. Semi-structured interview were used to collect data and analyzed through Cool and Warm analysis. The research findings showed that Kalinga, Alaga and Arugas has a three (3) caring dimensions that are connected to the caring, Alaga as the foundation of Filipino Nurse's Care, Kalinga as the Quality trademark of Filipino Nurse's Care, and Aruga as Caring beyond boarders


This study aimed to explore the definition of care among Filipino nurses.


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