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A look through the life of geriatric client in home for the aged institution.


Jomari Jezar S. Fresnoza,
Jules P. Delos Reyes,
Glozaree Mae C. Duran,
Judelyn D. Cueva,
Lizzelle G. Jalata,
Franz Louise A. Escalona,
Sharon B. Cajayon

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College of Nursing - Our Lady of Fatima University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2012


There is a continuous increasing number of elderly living in home for the aged institution. One reason to consider is poverty as well as inability of the relatives to tolerate the mood swings of the aged individual. In nursing, it studies care of the geriatrics, that is why it is effortless for nurses to intervene with such behavior of the elderly. Many researches emerged about geriatrics in a quantitative approach but few focuses on the feelings of the geriatric client. One factor that made our inquiry unique from the previous study inquiry is, the focus of the research not only on the feelings of being away from "real home" but also on what manner do nurses render care to them.

This study was conducted in selected institution in the Philippines and was participated by six (6) geriatric clients. Through utilization of audio record interview, researchers were able to group significant statements from the client and were able to make themes through cool and warm analyses.

Based on the interview and analysis that were made, researchers come up with five (5) minor themes. The first three (3) themes were a positive response from a client namely: (1) Gratified, (2) Gracious, and (3) Gladness. The two (2) remaining themes were negative response from a client namely: (4) Deprivative and (5) Detached. The emerged themes have made the researchers to conceptualize their own simulacrum: Geriatric's Rocking Chair of Life.


The study aimed to know the lived experience of geriatric clients living in the home for the aged institutions.


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