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Evaluating the clinical duty scheme of NCM 105 students as a basis for developing an alternative program


Raymond P. Dimson,
Fred B. Ruiz

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College of Nursing - Our Lady of Fatima University

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2007


Descriptive Methods of Research was used and the instrumentation used in gathering data is the questioner which was adopted from the evaluation form of the manual published by the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges. There were 155 respondents, which were randomly selected from NMC 105 who were rotated for both 3- day and 7- day duty scheme. Statistical tools used were percentage, weighted mean, and t-test.
Based on the data, it shows that the frequency of distribution based on area of assignment that 111 or (71.61%) have their duty in delivery room. Student nurses assigned in Operating Room has a frequency of 106 or (68.39 %), Emergency Room has 94 or (60.65%) while Pediatrics has 93 or (60%), Obstetrics and Gynecology has 84 or (54.19%) and Intensive Care Unit has the lowest number of respondents which has 80 or (51.61%).
The data shows that majority of the respondents have their duty in Delivery Room and Operating Room which is for the completion of cases' requirements for their board exam. The least among the area of assignment was the ICU, which is a special area and not all hospital affiliating agencies have this area.
The 3- day and 7- day duty have significant differences in Cognitive and Psychomotor Domain, Utilization of Nursing Process, Affective Domain in terms of Professional Values. No significant difference exists on Personal Values between the 3- day and 7- day duty scheme. 4. The most encountered problem for 7- day duty scheme was dormitory concerns, which has 36 respondents or (23.23%) while for 3 day duty scheme, the most encountered problem was the limited or lack of time in duty which has 45 respondents or (29.03%). It is also noted that based on the findings the problem common to both 3 day and 7 day pertains to Clinical Instructor's inadequate knowledge/skills, tardiness and lack of guidance to students.


This study aimed to evaluate the three day duty and seven day duty scheme among NCM 105 students offered by Our Lady of Fatima University, College of Nursing in relation to their clinical performance during the year 2007.


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