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Importance of total comprehensive assessment program as perceived by the senior students of Our Lady of Fatima University.

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College of Nursing - Our Lady of Fatima University

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Thesis Degree
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March 2009


Researching about Total Comprehensive Assessment Program shows two sides: The Positive and The Negative side.
First, the Positive Side. Some student would actually perceive it in a more positive way. Like Total Comprehensive Assessment Program would make it less stressful for the Senior Students from taking the Board Exam. It is great help for them. In some instances, other students didn't take the review for the Board Exam in the Review Center but they passed the Board Exam. It only shows that it enhances student's perception, confidence and self esteem in taking the Board Exam.

This study entitled The Importance of Total Comprehensive Assessment Program in Relation to Board Exam as Perceived by Senior Student of Our Lady of Fatima University.
This will be confined to at least 70 Senior Nursing student of Our Lady of Fatima University. To be conducted in Our Lady Of Fatima University, 120 McArthur Highway, Valenzuela City on March 2009.
This will only focus to the importance of Total Comprehensive Assessment Program to the senior nursing students based on their ratings.

Total Comprehensive Assessment Program in Bachelor of Science in Nursing which the student should pass. If not, they will take the removal exam. In order to pass it, the students have the review for Total Comprehensive Assessment Program in which they could get more information and also to refresh their minds on the entire topic.


This study aims to determine the Importance of Total Comprehensive Assessment Program as Perceived by the Senior students of Our Lady of Fatima University; specifically this seeks to answer the following questions:
a. Is it difficult for them to manage their time in reviewing for the Total Comprehensive Assessment Program and the Final Examination?
b. How will they pass the exam, if they feel the anxiety and the pressure that was brought by the Final Examination and the Total Comprehensive Assessment Program?
c. If they fail this examination will they make it to the Graduation day?
d. Are all senior students agree to Total Comprehensive Assessment Program?
e. Is it really important to take Total Comprehensive Assessment Program?


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