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The relationship of socio-economic status to post partum depression


Caroline H. Balahibo,
Sheilla Marie C. Concepcion,
Ken Levy J. Deloso,
Catherine B. Soliman,
Marita P. Godoy

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College of Nursing - Our Lady of Fatima University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2008


The exact number of women with depression during this time is unknown. But researchers believe that depression is one of the most common complications during and after pregnancy. This research is limited to focusing on the socio economic status of post-partum patients who might be experiencing post-partum depression. Our respondents consist of 100 postnatal women. We selected a barangay health center, a public hospital and a maternity clinic to gather information.

Based on our findings, the Socio-economic status of the respondents shows a relative relationship to the occurrence of post-partum depression. It posed a large correlation of .94 which suggests that the average monthly income is a great contributory factor to occurrence of PPD. During the interview and data gathering, some of them did not even have any knowledge about Post Partum Depression, and thus, not knowingly they are experiencing it. Those who appear to show symptoms of depression tells us that they experience ambivalence, hypomania, hypochondriasis, irritability, and some of the severe cases even posed hostility toward their children and/or themselves.

In the light of this study, the researchers therefore conclude that socio-economic status is a greater contributing factor to the occurrence of post-partum depression. It only goes to prove that our hypothesis have been erroneous and that having post partum depression does not singly depend on the hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy.


The goal of the study is to determine whether the socio-economic status of the mother, or of the family she belongs to, may be a great factor contributing to the occurrence of postpartum depression.


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