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Increase in the population of nursing students and the capacity of selected universities to maintain quality education


Ryan Paul C. Cruz,
Jocelyn S. Concepcion,
Wynnie P. Magtoto,
Abigael P. Padua,
Rose Marie B. Suy,
Alma U. Villanueva

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College of Dentistry, - Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Nursing is considered as a noble profession because of the service which they provide to their client especially to their fellowmen. The edge of every nurse is not just the capacity of his/her mind but it also considers the delivery of actions and appropriate care for their patient. In fact nursing is one of the most highly in-demand courses in our country today. Many nursing schools are established and opened because of the increased number of students taking up nursing. Universities and Colleges have different programs for improving the standards of teaching, skills and knowledge towards quality education. The researcher aims to discover the factors which affect the learning and development of their students and the maintenance of quality education. The study was conducted in 1 nursing school in Valenzuela city and 1 nursing school in Bulacan in selected senior nursing students as respondents. There are a total of one hundred (100) fourth year nursing students needed as our respondents. From the gathered information about the number of students enrolled every year, this is really an evidence to determine if the Institution can still offer an outstanding and great learning for their students. Number of students can really determine the effectiveness or quality of education that an institution can provide. Delivery of good quality of education should be the main concern of every institution.


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