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The effectiveness of known therapeutic coping mechanisms for the Psychiatrically ill patients and its remedial means of limiting incidence of anxieties.

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College of Nursing, - Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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What usually comes to mind when one hears the words "psychiatrically ill" or "mental health"? Many people might think of the stereotypical images of "crazy people" or of mental institutions. While this may be the case for many afflicted with mental illness, huge advancements have been made in the field of mental health therapies. The conceptual framework of the study regarding the evaluation of the level of effectiveness of known therapeutic coping mechanisms for the psychiatrically ill patients and its remedial means of limiting incidence of anxieties is that the researchers would like to know the therapeutic coping mechanisms for psychiatrically ill patients to limit the incidence of anxieties. The researchers will analyze the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender, civil status, highest educational attainment, position/occupation and length of service. The researchers will then evaluate the level of effectiveness of the therapeutic coping mechanisms. Psychiatric patients can struggle with poor skills in coping, communication, socialization, and self-expression that may result in dysfunctional behavioral, cognitive, and emotional responses by means of therapeutic music. The coverage of the study is confined in evaluating the effectiveness of known therapeutic coping mechanisms for the psychiatrically ill patients and its remedial means of limiting incidence of anxieties. The researchers choose the health care providers, personnel and staff of Emmaus House of Apostolate located at Mololos City, Bulacan and San Juan De Dios Priory Hospice for the Brother of Mercy located at Bocaue, Bulacan to be the target respondents in the study Based on the study the researchers concluded that the respondents in the study who are mostly health care providers assumed their duties and responsibilities in treating their psychiatrically ill patients by means of therapeutic coping mechanisms for the psychiatrically ill patients. Based on the answers of the respondents there are several coping mechanism for psychiatrically ill patients and its remedial means of limiting incidence of anxieties


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